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As the Graduate Student Task Force, it is our mission to represent your needs in IAMFC and to increase graduate student opportunities both within and outside the association. We will keep you updated on various events and opportunities. Please be aware that we publish a graduate student column in the IAMFC newsletter and are always looking for articles. These articles are to be between 400-600 words and relate in some way to the profession of marriage and family counseling. Past columnists have discussed the graduate student experience and student involvement in conferences. All submissions may be sent via e-mail to Jeff Hughes, Graduate Student Task Force Chairperson.

We are sponsoring a listserv to support the needs and enhance communication as well. We would like to welcome you to join the IAMFC Graduate Student Listserv. Please use this listserv as a way to communicate with others about internships, research ideas, employment opportunities, your journey as a graduate student, etc.. The particulars for the listserv are as follows:


To SUBSCRIBE go to the following address and sign up.


If you have questions prior to signing up, feel free to contact the list owner of the listserv at:


This listserv is NOT a place to advertise fee related services, although sharing information relating to upcoming conferences or books is encouraged. Feel free to pass this information along to those who you know have an interest in this area of study. We members of the IAMFC Graduate Student Task Force look forward to the interactions the listserv will provide.

We look forward to hearing your voices!


Free conference housing available to IAMFC Graduate students for the ACA 2002 World Conference in New Orleans, LA! IAMFC recognizes the financial strain for graduate students wishing to attend ACA. In an effort to make the conference more affordable, IAMFC will sponsor two hotel rooms (one for males, one for females) in order to accommodate up to ten IAMFC graduate student members . Those interested should e-mail Jill Duba, IAMFC Graduate Student Representative to the Board of Directors or Jeff Hughes, Graduate Student Task Force Chairperson by January 15, 2002 with the following information: your name, your sex, the degree which you are currently seeking, the name of your graduate institution, your phone number and your e-mail address. The names of five men and five women will be randomly selected to receive free housing. Drawing participants must be members of IAMFC. All entry participants will be notified of the results of the random selection process by February 15, 2002. Please e-mail Jill Duba or Jeff Hughes with any questions about this graduate student program.



Nomination packets for the Student Practitioner Award and the Graduate Student Research Award can be obtained by e-mailing Jeff Hughes . Nomination packets should be mailed to:

Jeff Hughes
Chair, IAMFC Graduate Student Task Force
Youngstown State University
One University Plaza
Department of Counseling
3401 Beeghly Hall
Youngstown, OH 44555

Letters of nomination must be received by February 9, 2002 . The award will be presented to the recipient at the IAMFC luncheon at the 2002 ACA World Convention in New Orleans. Descriptions of the awards are as follows:

Student Practitioner Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize excellence in the practice of family counseling by IAMFC Graduate Student Members. This award will honor an IAMFC Graduate Student whose work as a counselor, to include internship and practicum experiences, has been outstanding in meeting the unique needs of clients and involving family systems in counseling. Letters of nomination should provide examples illustrating the student counselor's use of innovative strategies, family-based interventions, and adaptation of practice to the needs of a diverse populations.

Graduate Student Research Award

The award is offered to recognize high-quality quantitative or qualitative research that is a significant contribution to foundations in marriage, couples, and family counseling, and to recognize high-quality quantitative or qualitative research that is focused on an important aspect of the training or supervision of marriage, couples, or family counselors.

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